Tribhuvan University Library Science Students' Alumni Association

Message of President

Dear Fellow Alumni,


I am deeply humbled to be the President of the Tribhuvan University Library Science Students' Alumni Association. It is my pleasure to be in this position with your trust. This association is the only alumni association which has achieved the academic certificate of B.Lib and M.Lib level from Tribhuvan university central department of library & information science (Those are the things, eligible to become member of TULSSAA). The main aim of this association is to united the entire alumni students and improve the quality of libraries as well as professionalism of librarian.  


We are all known that this association has not been working for few years. My leadership to this association started in very sensitive as well as crucial time. All members are hoping for our team for run this association smoothly and progressively. At present, our team is desperately working to achieve better position for TULSSAA. We are continuing to provide TULSSAA Gold Medal for toper of the Department, to organize semi professional training program, to publish TULSSAA journal and national & International workshop, seminar etc as well as add other innovative and professional development program.


I consider presidency as an honor as it represent all of you. If you have any topic that you would like to discuss with me, please welcome and feel free to reach out at



Bijaya Sharma

President- TULSSAA

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