Tribhuvan University Library Science Students' Alumni Association


The almuni association, like any other associations, has various long-term as well as short-term goals to materialize its objectives.

long -term Goals

The long term goals are:


  1. Unify and organize all the Library Science graduates of TU Central department of LISc.
  2. To coordinate with and assist in the professional careers of TULSSAA members.
  3. To establish and foster friendly and harmonious relationship with any other related or necessary and organizations
  4. To set up and foster good relationship among TULSSAA members.
  5. To work effiectively and efficiently as a leading library professional association at local, national, and international levels.
  6. to organize various professional, semi-professional workshops, seminars, discussion groups, etc. in order to provide public forums for professional advancement as well as skilled in the nation.
  7. To conduct trainings for semi skilled manpower development as well as skilled in the nation.
  8. To contribute towards study, teaching and research in the field of Library and information profession.

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